Book, The Physician Within; second edition by Dr. Stan Gross

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A Practical Guide to the Natural Healing Power Within All of Us!  

Dr. Stan Gross has released his second edition of this timeless book.  Our understanding of disease processes has evolved tremendously.  However, our understanding of health and wellness has been lost in the social and economic turmoil of politics and corporate America.  Dr. Stan has given us a clear path toward total wellness with the added bonuses of lifting our standards of health to a much higher level. Taking control of our health might be the best choice we will ever make.  Dr. Stan has dedicated his life to the cause of global wellness.  Here is your opportunity to become part of that journey.  

For many years He has heard the same complaints from patients:  "I'm tired of feeling sick all of the time!"  The majority of people he sees are over-stressed, overweight, overworked, and suffer form some sort of pain.  Most people have tried some magic pill or herbal elixir with very limited success.  Others have become prisoners to their mounting pain or unrelenting stress.  Inexplicably, these same people seem to think that the answer lies in the doctor's office.  While physicians are capable of doing many wonderful things, the vast majority of problems he encounters are managed or regulated according to other words, no cure!  

The Physician Within was inspired by the needs of his patients who were tired of chasing their symptoms and getting nowhere.  Get health and stay healthy by reading this step by step guide toward optimum health without having to dramatically changing your lifestyle.   E-book available soon.


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