Our Mission

Our Global Mission Is Simple!

We at Sano Global Nutrition are dedicated to offering only the highest quality food-derived supplements at manufacturing standards that surpass the industry certifications. We have developed our products based upon sound and proven scientific principles easily standing up against the rigors of laboratory and clinical research. There are a few things we will not offer:

1. We will never offer ingredients that are genetically modified or molecularly altered in any way.

2. We will not use synthetic vitamins and other nutrients to artificially enhance our products.

3. We will not use added sugars, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors or preservatives.

4. We will not compromise our high quality standards for the sake of profits.

5. We will never make false claims or promises regarding our products. 

We will continue to explore new and exciting products to address the health needs of an ailing world through our research and development team. We will continue to offer the highest possible quality at a reasonable cost from a global perspective.

A portion of our profits will be directed to our global outreach, Vital Fare Foundation (a 501c3 non profit organization) to help end starvation in the world.